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Comic strip about a group of African-American city kids adjusting to life in white suburbia. Talentedly written by Aaron McGruder.

New strip every weekday on
Small kid: I´ve got a question...
Big kid: Is it a stupid question?
SK: Auctually, it´s a science question.
BK: Ok, shoot.
SK: What kind of rims do you think they put on the Mars Rover?
by Henric Hagelberg March 03, 2004
(n.) a remote or inaccessible area. usually used in conjunction with the article 'the'.

From the tagalog word "bundok", meaning 'mountain '
John: "Yo yo yo, how was the concert last night?"
Jane: "It was coo', 'cept we had to sit in the mutha-beepin BOONDOCKS!"
by k1 October 03, 2001
From the Tagalog (Filipino) word "bundok" meaning mountain. "Boondocks" became a part of American vocabulary during the American-Philippine War, during which mountainous terrain afforded the Filipinos a position of strategic advantage in fighting for their country's independence. The boondocks served as a Filipino base of resistance while earning a word in everyday American language synonomous with "hinterlands."
During the American-Philippine War, the boondocks were highly contested terrain.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
country part usually the outer most part of the city.
man dog you live way out in the boondocks
by stl. in sbi November 17, 2003
in most areas of the U.S., boondocks means a rural area away from the city, see the sticks or B.F.E.
In N.Y.C. the boondocks is a reference to Long Island.
EPMD was from tha boondox. Brentwood, Long Island...
by shyster November 19, 2003
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