(n.) a remote or inaccessible area. usually used in conjunction with the article 'the'.

From the tagalog word "bundok", meaning 'mountain '
John: "Yo yo yo, how was the concert last night?"
Jane: "It was coo', 'cept we had to sit in the mutha-beepin BOONDOCKS!"
by k1 October 03, 2001
in the middle of nowhere, out of the way
Shit no i don't want to go out there, she lives in the fuckin boon docks.
#bfe #boonies #way the hell out there #far away #no where near
by Jay led October 01, 2006
An area of which is resident to small/large suburbs, green zones, and any other location counter to that would be found in a city, that is outside of city limits, or on the outskirts, and still uses that city in it address. Considered the boondocks because of the inconvinence to traval there from the city and/or because the area is mostly over looked by public transportion for that city.
Peter: Hey you want to go hang out downtown today.
Riley: No, I can't I'm stuck at my mom's house out in the boondocks
#suburbs #city #outskirts #downtown #tranportation
by triggrhappy94 December 31, 2009
The country;
A place it is long and hard to get to!
They stay way in the boondocks!
Damn this is way in the boondocks!
#boondocks #country #boonies #far place #some parts in texas
by audreababe August 10, 2006
Almost always used as "the boondocks" or "the boonies." This is beyond country. This is far off the main roads, and almost in the wilderness. Essentially the middle of nowhere.
You know you live in the boondocks when you can't see your house from the road.
#boonies #boondocks #middle of nowhere #sticks #redneck country #the hills #country #wilderness #the sticks #hick #rural
by Burning Leo July 01, 2011
A place very far from the main city, usually used by teacher who's name starts with an M referring to a student who's name starts with an A.
1. Alec lives out in the boondocks.
2. You wouldn't want to put your factory out in the boonies if you have a bulk gaining product, because then the customers can't buy the product.
#mr.mobley #alec #boonies #boondock #bondoc #boondoc #far away #farm #strange map #city
by triqyish March 29, 2015
reckneck getto;
middle of nowhere;
hell aka nebraska;
y'all liven in a boondock down here. ders nothin here.
#redneck #getto #nebraska #brokeback #hicks
by bailey boots. May 30, 2008
Some where hella far from the Urban/City area, where hardly know one you know lives or just hella out your way. A.k.a Places with hella white people.
You live in Woodinville. Shit, That's straight Boondocks!
by Khmao Verbalist November 12, 2004
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