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Bottom line is, its a kickass and original movie defintitely worth the time to sit down and watch and more than likely you will totally enjoy it.

Don't listen to the moron's post above in which he basically calls the movie a sellout. He is just a plain person that trys to make his individuality through likeing movies that very few other people know about because he thinks that makes him cool. If the movie kicks ass then who gives a shit what other people think or how many other people like it.

Watch this movie!
Rocco - "Is it dead?"
by Chopper September 13, 2004
What everyone wishes they were, but nobody has the balls or weaponry available to effectively carry out the day-to-day duties of a Boondock Saint.
The movie deserves to be in some sort of movie hall of fame.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
The Boondock Saints is my favorite movie because it inspires thought, has humor, it's a different aspect of film because there is no hidden romantic agenda with a woman with one of the brothers, neither of the brothers die to over-do the dramatics... there is enough dramatic in it with roccos death that it doesnt need anymore. it is a perfect example of a classic film that everyone should watch.

if all the popular kids like it and quote it and it gets annoying- that doesnt mean the movie isnt good that just means that they want to be even more popular and they want to be in... has NOTHING to do with how good the movie is or any of the such... some people shouldnt let other people decide what movies are good and which ones arent... i like the movie because it is a good fu**ing movie, not because some people DONT know about it... and if more people know about it i will be even more stoked because then when all saints day comes out they will make the right amount of money and recognition for such a great story line and film... *cough emo rebel cough*

(shut up.)
"destroy all which is evil so that which is good may flourish"

"and shephards we will be, for thee my lord for thee, power hath decended forth form thy hand that our feet my swiftly carry out thy command, so we will flow a river forth to thee and teeming with sould shall it ever be, in nomine patris, et filii et spiritus sancti"

"perhaps it should have been a rule o' wrist"

"all the boys, tell me how you make them laugh, what a crack up you are, you know what they call you?" "the funny man" "the funnyyyy mann... im having a shitty day, im depressed, tell me a funny joke.."
by brolie June 09, 2004
A movie which owns you and all your other movies...This movie was one and maybe the greatest movie of all time.
Boondock saints owns steven and his and telivised ads ;x
by kamper September 27, 2003
A movie about 2 Irish vigalantes who enlist a friend to help them rid Boston of as many evil-doers as they can. Lots of cussing, but very quotable lines. The second one isn't as good as the first, but you should still check it out.
Person 1: "Have you seen 'The Boondock Saints' yet?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it was a great movie"
by WhoeverIAm May 20, 2010
One individual member of a group of Boondock Saints. Not one guy with two girls where they guy "fire fight"s the two girls. It makes no sense because one, Agent Smecker wasn't a boondock saint, and two, he was a homosexual so he would't do that to two girls.
Conner is my favorite boondock saint.
by smoothwake July 18, 2006
the act involving one guy and two girls in which the male inserts his fingers into said females and fingers them as if he were in a "Fire Fight"("fire fight" refering to the scene in which Agent Smecker yells "fire fight" and begins shooting the air and crazily pumping his fists as he does so, which then the male would copy such pumping motions)
Dude, so i was with those two girls at the party and we totally came back to my place and i gave them the best Boondock Saint of their lives!
by Treebs January 25, 2006
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