when youre reall happy and/or excited, you yelp out in amazement by shouting "BOOM TING".

boom ting is also an act of cum shotting in someones face. this is a widely used word in north west london, united kingdom. its especially common among mandem who cum in the faces of the gyal dem.

its also something really good.
" ohh snap, i just got a PS3. BOOM TING BLAD!"

"easy gyal, let manz boomting in youre face, get me. ahh yeah, damn i love boomtinging in youre face"

"wow, her breasts are boom ting"
by Snypa. January 23, 2006
Top Definition
a good looking person.
usually used towards a girl.
can be used instead of buffting.
'damn that girl is boomting',
by lovelyjubbly April 16, 2006
Slang word describing someone as buff, fit, sexy, choong, peng.

'boom' as in wow! amazing!

'ting' as slang for 'thing' (a person)

"She Is A Boom Ting!"

"Boom Ting Over There"

by Sparklin..Gash-x April 08, 2007
Usually used to describe a "buff girl" i.e That gal is booomting! but also used to describe that something is "sick"
i.e that goal was booooomting! Word orginated from two henley college boys, Daki and Fez
"That girl is boomting"
"That goal was boomting"
by Ed De Cruz June 04, 2006
Adjective, noun. The best, brilliant, amazing. Something that is amazing.
That's the absolute boom-ting!
by Robski February 14, 2005
To describe an event, action or object. Something that was or is fantastic, amazing and generally epic.
Oh my god that was a funny drinking session, BOOMTINGS!!!
by Saint of chalfont ends June 27, 2009
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