to be very hot
to be very busy in a certain place
i am booming (i.e. hot) or it is booming in here (i.e it is hot or very busy)
by Neos October 19, 2006
Top Definition
The act of being on psychadelic mushrooms.
Colten is booming this weekend; he got a quarter of some bomb-ass shrooms.
by Ross October 29, 2004
1. A very gay way of partying

2. An interesting, and very strange way of masturbating

3. Getting High

4. Something better than an orgasm
person 1: "AHHHHH.... AHHHHH..... AHHH!!! uuggghhhh.... I just Boomed."

person 2: "Thats gross"

person 3: "why does he like booming so much???"

person 4: "you ppl obviously dont kno how amazing booming really is do u?"
by Oli Detone April 30, 2009
The act of shitting so hard that you enter another spiritual dimension, similar to tripping on mushrooms
Between all of this coffee, high-fiber oatmeal, and beer, I'm going to be booming all night.
by adsffgvsdfadf February 23, 2015
something that is out of this world amazing, even orgasmic
this pizza is booming!
by imi imi September 09, 2012
To ditch your friends or leave secretly and unannounced.
Classic case of Boomer booming on his friends to go to another party
by Blumed February 14, 2014
In Real-Time Strategy games, the practice of building up a massive attacking force without actually attacking while building up. The resulting huge army is then hurled against an enemy with the intention of destroying them in one fell swoop. However, this tactic invariably fails against experienced players, since an area-attack weapon (like an Onager) can often flatten the whole invading army at a stroke. This then leaves the booming player open to unopposed retaliatory attacks.
MegaLlama tried booming on me, but I wiped his whole army with one Seige Onager and then razed his TC in less than 3 minutes! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Mystikan March 25, 2004

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