A goal scored in football/soccer with a lot of power usually from out side of the box
Guy 1: "Did you see Luka's goal?"

Guy: "Yeah, was a proper boomer!"
by LosReyes March 21, 2013
Star Trek slang for someone who has spent their entire life aboard deep-space freighters.

Travis Mayweather was a boomer who was selected to become the helmsman of USS Enterprise NX-01.
by Axemantitan April 03, 2009
Like a hummer, but involving Pop Rocks(see hummer)
Betty lost her teeth from all that candy, but boy does she give great boomers.
by TakTik May 19, 2005
A guy who gets with as many girls as possible, not caring who's feelings he hurts. "Boomer" probably has STD's or AIDS. Boomer will say whatever it takes to get in a girls pants and will continue getting with other girls at the same time. Also known as an asshole.
Hey, did you hear about that guy who has STD's and tries to get with every girl? I think his name was Boomer.
by You-effed-me-over :) May 23, 2011
A fat fuck who can't keep his food down. He seems to be unable to move any faster than a snail due to his immense weight, much in the same way as Ian McNiece. The reason for the inability to stop spewing mimics the reaction we all get when we are forced to watch High School Musical. Of course, some people have these spewing reactions regardless.
Man 1 spews
MAN 2: It's Boomer!
by mrpompyelliotandhisfriends November 15, 2010
1) the character from Left 4 Dead 2.
2) any chick who's ugly as fuck/obese
Did you see that fat chick? She is such a fuckin boomer.
by NiggerRad January 11, 2010
another word for a male kangaroo according to fact # 185 on snapple...or a nick name for a certain guy....
jack: "goood morning mates! today we are going to be looking at boomers...and you will see one if you look outside the window on your right...."
by like im going to tell you August 27, 2005
Really over weight person; Really bad breath
Guy: *really bad breath* hey whats up?

Girl: Hop off boomer!
by xVandalismx January 19, 2011

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