A goal scored in football/soccer with a lot of power usually from out side of the box
Guy 1: "Did you see Luka's goal?"

Guy: "Yeah, was a proper boomer!"
by LosReyes March 21, 2013
an overweight, tag along friend that ruins things for the guy trying to get with the girl (the hot girl who is the boomer's friend).
by timhunter5 September 23, 2009
A person who is always full of shit. A fake or shady person.
damn, what a fucking boomer. She's always on that lying shit.
by cleftoz June 19, 2014
Alien beings born between 1946-1964. Sent here from Mars to bring us horrible music, food and culture. They fall into two categories a)Hippie Boomer b)Republican Boomer.(See below) Gave birth to Gen Xers and Y's. They are either desperately trying to hang onto their jobs or looking to retire and send boring emails to their kids.

Hippie Boomer- Smoked weed, did LSD, protested vietnam, usually anti-republican. Now running many corporations and holding most teaching positions in colleges and universities. Overated view of self and relevance to history. Drives an SUV or Volvo.

Republican Boomer- Hopes to preserve the 1950's against hippie boomer leftism. Generally mildly racist and the parent of at least one gay child. Tends to focus on money and politics more than art and music. Drives an SUV or pickup truck.
Mary: Hey, hows it going?
Julie: I found out my parents are Baby Boomers.
Mary: I'm so sorry.
by Melizza August 27, 2005
A boomer is when a guy has anal sex with a woman and cums in her ass. Then the guy lays down while the woman squats over him. She proceeds to rip a huge fart, spraying his own shit-incorporated cum all over his face.
I payed this whore $50 and she rocked a boomer in my face. -OR- I can't believe I actually got my wife to boomer in my mouth.
by bigjetsfan September 19, 2010
Star Trek slang for someone who has spent their entire life aboard deep-space freighters.

Travis Mayweather was a boomer who was selected to become the helmsman of USS Enterprise NX-01.
by Axemantitan April 03, 2009
A homosexual male. This word is used by a heterosexual male to notify his friends of a homosexual without being suspicious.
Steve watch your back theres a boomer in the building.
by LGUNNER October 28, 2009
A guy who gets with as many girls as possible, not caring who's feelings he hurts. "Boomer" probably has STD's or AIDS. Boomer will say whatever it takes to get in a girls pants and will continue getting with other girls at the same time. Also known as an asshole.
Hey, did you hear about that guy who has STD's and tries to get with every girl? I think his name was Boomer.
by You-effed-me-over :) May 23, 2011
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