Alien beings born between 1946-1964. Sent here from Mars to bring us horrible music, food and culture. They fall into two categories a)Hippie Boomer b)Republican Boomer.(See below) Gave birth to Gen Xers and Y's. They are either desperately trying to hang onto their jobs or looking to retire and send boring emails to their kids.

Hippie Boomer- Smoked weed, did LSD, protested vietnam, usually anti-republican. Now running many corporations and holding most teaching positions in colleges and universities. Overated view of self and relevance to history. Drives an SUV or Volvo.

Republican Boomer- Hopes to preserve the 1950's against hippie boomer leftism. Generally mildly racist and the parent of at least one gay child. Tends to focus on money and politics more than art and music. Drives an SUV or pickup truck.
Mary: Hey, hows it going?
Julie: I found out my parents are Baby Boomers.
Mary: I'm so sorry.
by Melizza August 27, 2005
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a slang term for hullucinagenic mushrooms containing psilocybin
where dem boomers at?
by Caine April 21, 2003
In Texas Hold'em, a player in first position who overplays his/her hand going all-in.

Everyone folds and the boomer takes the blinds only.
You went all-in with a premium hand and only won the blinds?

Nice play there Boomer!
by aloha27 October 31, 2009
A slang term for hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Ay, you heard that Heytvelt got popped for boomers?
by tippleman March 22, 2007
psylicybin mushrooms. A term frequently used on jam-band lots or other headie areas.
"yo man lets go back into shake dizzle so we can take some ecstacy with these boomers."
"Shakes dizzle fo rizzle. We should hippy flip fo shizzle my nizzle."
by Jake Heller December 14, 2003
1. A zombie that'll explode in your face or throw up on your face hence calling other zombies to eat your face...(bad news for your face)

2. A fat ass dork that eats all the time and is always sick...xD
Boomer...that things too clo push it outta the way...*bleeerrg*...oh no my face!!!
by iamtreXD September 21, 2009
A nickname for Mushrooms.
Mushrooms that a can be consumed in order to alter the mind state in such a way that you may begin to hallucinate and see colors as well as many other objects that may or may not be actually there in reality.
Hey man just bought a half ounce of boomers, you wanna trip?
by Kevin420 December 20, 2007
While observing a fat person puking it is customary to yell BOOMER to warn others so as not to attract the horde! Also works well as an insult.
Guy #1: "Holy shit you see that fat girl in the backyard puking?!"

Guy #2: "BOOMER! Watch Out!"
by Jonan2012 October 26, 2010

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