Holy bombs from heaven
The children prayed for the homeless man and threw boombas from their hand.

I had an ear infection and people threw them holy boombas at me. I have no more pain!
by Boomba User August 20, 2011
Top Definition
Term of endearment for one's girlfriend
Varadius: "You're the best, Boomba"
by @REAL_SWAGGY_P November 19, 2014
a simple faction of breaking wind or flatulation.
Did you boomba? Alright, who passed the boomba?
by Minkey Jimmy September 17, 2006
Being raped to death by an african village via in the ass
damn john didnt come back from that expidition I heard he get the boomba treatment
by k pimprizzle January 21, 2008
another name for a nigger
damn look at that boomba on the front porch!
by Shaquitah December 01, 2007
a word describing a very overweight African American Women.
"I wish I married a white women, instead of spending the past 20 years of my life with a big boomba"
by special forces September 02, 2007
having lots and lots and lots of sex
hey man - lets boomba!
by boombalovaa February 08, 2007
A person who is excessively horny, lacks money, or that talks a lot of shit.
He is a little Boomba today...
by John Charles October 25, 2005
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