Refrence to some really good Speakers.
"Hey bro, listen to my new Boom Booms!"
by smarch October 25, 2007
Subwoofers, any kind of speaker system that gives your car some bass so others can feel it.
Did you got some new boom booms today for your car?
by T-Free October 31, 2007
The act of taking a dump, or the resulting product there of. Most often used when referring to a number two carried around in one's underwear
"If all that random screaming wasn't bad enough, that nutjob, who just got on also stinks like shit"

"Yup, he's gone boom boom. You can see the stain"

"Lunch when we get there?"

"Yeah, I could eat"
by Kopfs May 18, 2010
Slang for sex.Originated in Hawthorne High School.

Kid 1:Hey,what's the liquid for? :/
Kid 2:It for boomboom~! XD
by Tako-chan December 10, 2008
Describes a girl that has been with alot of
the members in your krew.
Did you hear that Gio hooked up with Boom Boom again
last night.
by rossman120 April 22, 2008
A subtle exclamation one says when they are ready to, want to, or already have done something of mediocre importance.
Ex. 1:

"Yo are you ready to get that six pack? The bar closes in like 10 minutes."

"Lets do this, boom boom."

Ex. 2:

"You see that Sarah chick yesterday?"

"Hells yeah she was a hot mess bro, I'd be on that in a split second. Boom boom."
by Holobiwan March 15, 2010
refers often to a remedial or lower level course for the "dumb kids". Interchangeable with the word "retarded". Strictly coming from Tampa Florida slang.
Darcy was able to build a model robopet that responded to ten different commands for her gifted science class final project with funding from the school.

Us in the boom boom class only made paper airplanes and my classmates were so boom boom they couldn't even get theirs to fly.
by goninjagoninjago July 10, 2009

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