A display between two people to show that some act of genious/awesomeness has just happened. This is said verbally between the two persons. They can also clench a fist and knuckle tap each other whilst saying it for extra affect!

It can also be used when two people say the same thing at the same time.
Vixter- "Iv just had an awesome idea!"
Gazmo- "what?"
Vixter- "Lets watch Kenan and Kel"

(Both together) "Boom-Boom"
by GazNVixDicto May 01, 2010
Filipino slang for "sex"
"Babe, kailan uli tayo mag-boom boom?" ("Babe, when will we have sex again?")
by pj42106 September 24, 2007
While standing, you hold a person upside down facing your crotch. You then proceed to dry hump that person's face. Meant as a joke or a prank, not in any sexual way.

Ruben: Edgar.. not now.
by FunkyBuddah February 05, 2010
Boom-Booms: a pair of short, tight, bright, and sexy underwear. Can be used to describe both men's and women's particulars.
I was really turned off when I saw that he was wearing boxers, boom-booms are so much more appealing -makes the booty look so much better.

She looked so amazing in her little boom-booms.
by sartorial October 14, 2010
Big poop small poop short poop tall poop.
Jace laid a big boom boom on the floor.
by Jaceman07 March 03, 2008
doing the dirty
Man, I'd like to boomboom that girl!
by Tim Frazier July 28, 2003
Slang for turds.
Oh dear, I flatulated and several large boom booms slid down my pants leg onto the floor during my job interview.
by The REAL Harry Scrote February 07, 2011

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