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To have a lot of something.
Ex. He has booku (pronounced "Boo" "Koo")
by Cookie February 15, 2005
The general name of a local hick who dresses inappropriately for the weather and frequent diners early on Sunday mornings, the only day they venture into town from their meth lab
Bookus and Baxter arrived by pickup to Selena's for their pancakes
by Randy Winterbottoms August 14, 2012
Of French origin and primarily used in the Greater New Orleans Area, meaning a lot, many, much, or very.
"Man im booku hungry."

"They rollin large they got booku ins."
by Lyrical_Beast September 07, 2009
a hella large sum of something.
booku=hella awesome.
commonly used by black people
"That party last night was booku' awesome."
"Its safe to say that Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Night was hella booku'.
by tacoturtle November 25, 2009
An exclamation of excitement or rage, particularly before or after a stunning victory.
The hill is ours; Bookus!
by Shroomlyon April 07, 2015
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