to have an abundance of something. "a lot of" or "many." derived from the French word "beaucoup" meaning 'much.'
Also spelled 'boocoo' or 'buku.'
Shit son, that bitch got bookoo cash.
by StarStuff December 19, 2010
60's slang for a lot
We had boo koo rain last year
by Ben Sedlmeier June 09, 2005
boo koo spelled buku means an abundance of i.e. plenty
Homeboy just won the lottery and now he has buku dinero, money, scratch, geld, etc.
by Kenneth Brown June 24, 2005
A great enrgy drink. Does not tadte gross like dome energy drinks. Avalible at 7-Eleven in three or four flavors.
Bookoo gets me hyped up pretty good.
by ~Matt~ October 08, 2006
Something stupid, dumb or weird.
That test was bookoo.
by Mr Snak September 14, 2009
Crazy, Insane, Wild.
That Party was bookoo, everyone got down.
by rkilla18 July 06, 2009
big BIG.
not a real word. used as a slang term meaning alot.
I love you bookoo lots.
wow! that dino-sawr is bookoo gigantic.
by Toe-ray September 22, 2006

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