The state of there being too many books in a non-bookshelf location
I can't get into your bed, it is so bookie
#booky #nerdy #anti-bookie #booki #geeky
by MadgeP December 07, 2009
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A shady character that takes illegal bets on horse races, fights, sports games. Such people usually are robbed regularly as they have large amounts of money.
Oh shit, I went to the bookie but then he got pinched! There goes my bet.
#bookie #house #bets #illegal #shady
by Killer Croc May 24, 2006
Old English

A person who will take your money off of you, and encourage you to come back for more.
That bookie stripped me bare.
by misterbump February 25, 2004
someone who places a bet in a licenced area of betting and gambling
alright mate, just popped to the bookies won 10 grand!
#betting #gambling #horses #illegal #money
by Boookie July 15, 2015
Short for "bookkeeper". Someone who keeps track of business transactions.
Usually referenced toward gambling, accounting and banking.
I talked to Louie, our bookie, and he says we should bet on the New York Jets based on our records.
by Smkngmgc January 10, 2005
Another word for, sick, peng, cool or nice. Basically a simple compliment of what is usually a car
Example 1:
Guy 1: mate your car is bookie!!
Guy 2: thanks mate
Example 2:
Guy 1:my new polo is so bookie!
Guy 2: not as bookie as my clio!
#booky #booty #bockie #boocy #bookie
by gadzzzzzzz October 16, 2014
Bookie means wierd for example, you would use it to say that someone is acting different or wierd.
"Your acting bookie!" or "That girl is bookie."
#wierd #crazy #bookie #different #ok
by Boom Skreemah June 13, 2009
means wierd or unusual in some way
'yeh they had sex in a bus shelter...'
'a bus shelter?! hahh thats just bookie!'

'you are the bookiest person i know'
#weird #strange #unusual #booky #bookee
by mamimami January 26, 2011
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