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To leave quickly.
Derived from 70's college slang when you had to leave a party to study.
I'd like to stay and drink some more beer, but there's a chemistry test tomorrow and I have to book it.
by Docjoe73 October 15, 2011
20 3
Running very quickly from the police or authority of some type.
"Shh! Shut up!"
"Fuck it's the cops!"
"Shit, lets book it outta here man!"
by kat123 January 28, 2009
13 14
When you or someone else says something funny or someone says something that just catches your attention like a phrase or a joke and you want to post it on Facebook.
Me: Did you hear that joke Fred told yesterday?!

You: Yeah it was so funny i had to BOOK IT!
by Mike Pistols July 25, 2011
6 19
a term used for when you accomplish something
Yo book that shit mann!
Book IT!
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
8 60
To spread gossip which is only meant for your ears and not for others to know. Other forms known are "Bookin It"
-"Hey did you hear Mitch lost all his money at the casino last night?"
-"Damn, why are you bookin it?"
by Duke Tran August 21, 2005
3 60
VERB: to BOOK something, such as a book or smaller book. Use the verb BOOK in the place of any other verb in a sentence to book the sentence.
Jonny booked the pencil. It was book enough to book with, then he booked it.
by Jon Wonton July 08, 2003
3 63