Those blocks of paper teachers give us to read. Also the one way that 90% of the teenage population heard of a website called
Paulius: Hey you wanna go to the library and check out a book?

Chucky: What the fuck is that?
by Puzzlesmith February 14, 2012
This is what comes up on predictive text instead of cool. Book is the height of all coolness possible.
James: I am soo book its unbelievable.
Mel: Ahahaha, no. Lol at your face.
by Booktimes. May 30, 2011
It is the height of coolness, you cannot be cooler than book, it is physically impossible.
Oh wow, Mel thinks she's cooler than James, but he's book, so she can't be.
by I'm So Book May 02, 2011
Another word for cool, started from mistakenly sending the message book before hitting zero during the act of T-9 messaging.
Person 1: Did you see that sweet ride?
Person 2: Yeah, it was book bro.
by DCHphotography September 27, 2010
synonym for "cool"
you're so book!
by supercalafragafuzz April 22, 2010
a really long text/facebook chat/email, etc.
So were you texting her last night?

Yeah, I was at first but she sent me a book about her problems, and I was too lazy to read it. So I just stopped talking to her.
by simba36 January 31, 2010
new word for cool
as coined by me
"hey check out my new shoes"
"dang them shits is book
by kevin "k-bone" December 25, 2009

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