A way for a teenage girl to escape the judge mental people who surround her and escape to someone else's world. Books are amazing things that are slowly dying because everyone prefers to read on the Internet or not read at all.
Person 1: you should get a kindle since you love to read so much
Person 2: no thanks, I rather have the actual books with me when I read
Person 1: gasp
by Reader Dreamer January 04, 2014
A thing old people use to look stuff up
When John wanted to know what "endothelium" was, instead of googling it, he looked it up in an ancient, 47-lb book called a medical dictionary
by ecstatic_editor June 29, 2012
To run, leave, get gone.
Hey everybody here comes the white face lady, and we all had to book to stay safe.
by keeka April 12, 2007
Basically a movie, except you can't see or hear the characters. It's also harder to use than a movie, which makes it a bothersome inconvenience to 21st Century progress. Parents want their children to read books because they like to see their children miserable, as it reminds them of themselves at that age. A lot of great books have been made into way greater movies, but no movies have been made into better books.
"How about you read a book?"
"What the heck is a book?"
by ArnoldtheRubberDucky October 20, 2014
Means cool because when you type in "cool" on predictive text the 1st option is book
That Man Thinks Hes Book, But Hes Just A Wasteman
by Sam Wood.. October 20, 2008
V. Intransitive. Slang. A verb used to describe hurried or rushed activity.
Yo dawg, it's almost time for MTV Cribs. Let's book!

We got to book, ma nigga, if we funna make it on time.
by Sir Smokes-a-Lot February 14, 2007
An object to take you into a different world.

Something today's society has lost connection with.
That was the best book ever, I felt like I was in the Hunger Games!

Bruh, what is dat?!
A book.
Yah, yolo.
by Cat Lady AF February 16, 2015

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