A metaphor used to describe a chick's perfect ass when you are inside of a book store.
Man, I'd really love to read those books.
by thoseAreSomeGoodBooks June 14, 2010
to fuck, have sex with, screw, nail, tap, hit, etc.

See bookworthy
Would you book that shit?
I'd book her so hard.
I'd book that ass in a second
by Chris February 19, 2005
Object that does not give instant gratification, like a computer, a television or a dildo.
"I really should start reading that book I bought two months ago. Maybe later, for now I'll just masturbate to lesbian porn."
by AbnormalBoy September 02, 2004
ADJ: to think of someone as a dumbass; behind the times
"What do you mean, you don't know what O.G. means???
Man... you are so book!"
by SW Sides September 01, 2005
a source of reading, in America and most english speaking countries opens right to left then you read them top to bottom left to right.
Man books fuckin' suck why the fuck am I at school I am not learning shit lets hit the teachers with the damn book until they ficking pass and then book(other meaning) the fuck outta here.
by Irish Whiskey Man 4280 March 11, 2003
a stack of hundred dollar bills equaling $5,000.00.
Stacked books are a stack of bills arranged all the same way equaling 5k made up of the same bill.
Make sure your books are stacked and ready on the 1st of the month.
by snakebite September 30, 2006
"koob" spelled backwards.
by EricBot July 30, 2003

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