slang for any kind of drug
dooood, lets get some books.
and get super educated.
by Brooke Book May 25, 2008
Girl term for a really hot guy.
Orginating from the fact of "checking out".
Cait: Don't even...
Dee: What?!
Cait: I saw you checking out those books!
by Badger-Dee January 08, 2008
To get someone's number
I want to go book some boys at the mall today. I booked some boys when we went to Six Flags last week.
by Victoria S. August 17, 2007
running or escaping fast
i was booking when i saw the cops
by bhoookin' March 11, 2003
Something most people don't read
loololool who actually reads books? olololol
by acekilla379344335 February 12, 2009
A piece of literature that people read and write to make themselves feel smart.
"Hey john, did you read the book i wrote last year?"
"nah man, you aint smart, stop acting a fool!"
by MattStaff April 25, 2008
Another name for Ecstasy. It is generally used when one doesn't want the general public to know they are talking about ecstasy.

Book = One pill
Read = to roll or take ectasy
Libary = dealer who sells ecstasy
Hey man, let's go read some books!

Have you bought the new book yet?

Let's run to a library really quick and check out some books.
by Brandyn. October 21, 2006

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