extremely cool; something that is mega jammin or sick nasty.
"Dog, did you see dat dunk he layed on dat man?"
"Yeeeah homie, dat jav was straight BOOK."
by Reppin912Son April 07, 2008
1. substitute for the word cool
2. something enjoyable or interesting
You are so book!
I love your book shoes!
by QS NT January 06, 2008
Another word for cool.

Originates from using T9 Text messaging (something you use that automatically finds the most common word for the number combination you enter) and trying to say cool.
Jim: "What's up Jill?"
Jill: "Nothing Jim"
Jim: "Book, book."
by Josh Jeffery June 21, 2007
the new cool.
the next hot.

" dude, coming up with a new word is so book."

by lual June 20, 2007
book: means cool as on a phone when you text on predictive text it come up with book instead of cool
oh my god that bike is well book
by celia kelly April 18, 2006
1. To run real fast, like when da cops chasin you or somethin
2. To get them digits
(for def. 1.) This dude was buyin drugs,knowin he broke, he took the drugs and said he'll pay the dude da next day. So the next day, (dude still broke) and he saw da man he owed money to. The dude emade some sorry excuse about why he couldn't pay the drug dealer the money. So the drug dealer looked at him, and pulled out an AK47. Da dude took one look at da gun and booked!!!!!!!!
(def. 2.) "I booked like four niggas at ShoQuanda's party last night"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
slang for any kind of drug
dooood, lets get some books.
and get super educated.
by Brooke Book May 25, 2008

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