An object that people place in front of their face in order to learn new information. Normally used by old people, however some younger people are seen placing these objects in front of their faces in order to intake new information. Also known as a text version of the internet.
Person 1: Damn my internet is down, how will I know what happens in the book "King Arthur", I can't get into spark notes!
Person 2: I think you just place it in front of your face and read it like you would a facebook status or a tweet.
Person 1: Oh, thanks dude! This is like text internet.
Person 2: Yeah man.
*Person 1 then falls asleep*
by xFrap February 16, 2011
The peak of being cool, only apply to a small group of people
James acts like he is so Book, it's so embarrasing.

But we all know that Belle and Mel and the Book ones.
by sparetimeonmyhands June 14, 2012
An adjective for a person who is extremely happy and or jumpy.
1) She is so book, always jumping and being happy all the time gesh.
by Love_pink January 30, 2011
To catch, be in on, or understand a joke or event that has recently happened.
*A man walks past two friends*

Friend 1: Yo that guy had a toupee

Friend 2: lol did you book that too?!

Friend 1: lmfao yeah.
by Ninj0red September 17, 2010
Book is another word for 'COASTER'
You use books to make sure that when you place your cup on a wooden surface, you don't ruin the wooden surface.
Joe: Yo Mark, can I leave my cup on your beautiful wooden table?
Mark: Yeah, but use a book!! I don't want you runing my table!! It's beautiful!!
by Amy Smiles September 09, 2009
A word meaning cool or awesome. It is derived from the often misspelling in a text message(cool and book are the same numbers).
Hey man that new car is book!
by tator152 April 13, 2009
An alternate word for "cool" that requires two less keystrokes.
-"Dude, that tie is book!"
-"Thanks man. Stay book."
by GrafKID March 16, 2009
to sneak up on someone in school and hit their book to the ground
* guy walks up and hits books, books fall down *

"you just got booked fool!"
"damnit i hate getting booked"
by Ryan Cusack February 23, 2009

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