An object that people place in front of their face in order to learn new information. Normally used by old people, however some younger people are seen placing these objects in front of their faces in order to intake new information. Also known as a text version of the internet.
Person 1: Damn my internet is down, how will I know what happens in the book "King Arthur", I can't get into spark notes!
Person 2: I think you just place it in front of your face and read it like you would a facebook status or a tweet.
Person 1: Oh, thanks dude! This is like text internet.
Person 2: Yeah man.
*Person 1 then falls asleep*
by xFrap February 16, 2011
this often occurs when one is texting and is trying to say cool but types in book because of the way the keys are aligned
jimmy- damn that bear fight was so book!
steven- are you fucking retarded?
by azjerbajan cat fighters 4 life August 15, 2008
to get the someone's phone number; digits
Damn, slim, I was at the club last night and booked three bitches; I'm a pimp.
by Danger Boy December 03, 2004
A book is this thing that has words in it and words are made of letters and letters are these things that make up the alphabet and the alphabet is used to read and reading is what you're doing right now.
The book is in your hands
by fritosdoritos May 24, 2015
to gtfo as fast as possible
Dude, he's got a gun, let's book!!
by Jsam March 27, 2015
Drug, originated in Australia for the term Weed/ Marijuana, and is now common slang among most Australians.
Marijuana- Noun; Hemp.
'Went to the library to pick up some books'
by Young Einsteins November 16, 2014
Basically a movie, except you can't see or hear the characters. It's also harder to use than a movie, which makes it a bothersome inconvenience to 21st Century progress. Parents want their children to read books because they like to see their children miserable, as it reminds them of themselves at that age. A lot of great books have been made into way greater movies, but no movies have been made into better books.
"How about you read a book?"
"What the heck is a book?"
by ArnoldtheRubberDucky October 20, 2014
An adjective for a person who is extremely happy and or jumpy.
1) She is so book, always jumping and being happy all the time gesh.
by Love_pink January 30, 2011
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