An object that people place in front of their face in order to learn new information. Normally used by old people, however some younger people are seen placing these objects in front of their faces in order to intake new information. Also known as a text version of the internet.
Person 1: Damn my internet is down, how will I know what happens in the book "King Arthur", I can't get into spark notes!
Person 2: I think you just place it in front of your face and read it like you would a facebook status or a tweet.
Person 1: Oh, thanks dude! This is like text internet.
Person 2: Yeah man.
*Person 1 then falls asleep*
by xFrap February 16, 2011
A way for a teenage girl to escape the judge mental people who surround her and escape to someone else's world. Books are amazing things that are slowly dying because everyone prefers to read on the Internet or not read at all.
Person 1: you should get a kindle since you love to read so much
Person 2: no thanks, I rather have the actual books with me when I read
Person 1: gasp
by Reader Dreamer January 04, 2014
1) An object full of paper with stuff written on it.
2) To run away.
3) Cool, because it comes first when texting on a phone with T9 when trying to type cool.
Ex. 1)
a: "I heard that book was good."
b: "This book?"
a: "Yeah, the one you're using as a coaster right there."
Ex. 2)
"During the party, the cops showed up and everyone started bookin'."
Ex. 3)
"Awesome! That's straight book, dude."
by Durty1425 July 10, 2008
It's like a tablet or an Ipad but with numerous screens containing words. When reading them it plays a movie in your head. These books also contain words that can be useful for life. A person that likes reading this can be called a reader.
I read the hunger games yesterday. Its a wonderful book!
by Kate Di Angelo January 19, 2016
A thing old people use to look stuff up
When John wanted to know what "endothelium" was, instead of googling it, he looked it up in an ancient, 47-lb book called a medical dictionary
by ecstatic_editor June 29, 2012
To run, leave, get gone.
Hey everybody here comes the white face lady, and we all had to book to stay safe.
by keeka April 12, 2007
An object to take you into a different world.

Something today's society has lost connection with.
That was the best book ever, I felt like I was in the Hunger Games!

Bruh, what is dat?!
A book.
Yah, yolo.
by Cat Lady AF February 16, 2015
It is the height of coolness, you cannot be cooler than book, it is physically impossible.
Oh wow, Mel thinks she's cooler than James, but he's book, so she can't be.
by I'm So Book May 02, 2011
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