To get someone's number
I want to go book some boys at the mall today. I booked some boys when we went to Six Flags last week.
by Victoria S. August 17, 2007
Another word for cool, started from mistakenly sending the message book before hitting zero during the act of T-9 messaging.
Person 1: Did you see that sweet ride?
Person 2: Yeah, it was book bro.
by DCHphotography September 27, 2010
a really long text/facebook chat/email, etc.
So were you texting her last night?

Yeah, I was at first but she sent me a book about her problems, and I was too lazy to read it. So I just stopped talking to her.
by simba36 January 31, 2010
new word for cool
as coined by me
"hey check out my new shoes"
"dang them shits is book
by kevin "k-bone" December 25, 2009
A word meaning cool or awesome. It is derived from the often misspelling in a text message(cool and book are the same numbers).
Hey man that new car is book!
by tator152 April 13, 2009
to sneak up on someone in school and hit their book to the ground
* guy walks up and hits books, books fall down *

"you just got booked fool!"
"damnit i hate getting booked"
by Ryan Cusack February 23, 2009
this often occurs when one is texting and is trying to say cool but types in book because of the way the keys are aligned
jimmy- damn that bear fight was so book!
steven- are you fucking retarded?
by azjerbajan cat fighters 4 life August 15, 2008
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