To get someone's number
I want to go book some boys at the mall today. I booked some boys when we went to Six Flags last week.
by Victoria S. August 17, 2007
V. Intransitive. Slang. A verb used to describe hurried or rushed activity.
Yo dawg, it's almost time for MTV Cribs. Let's book!

We got to book, ma nigga, if we funna make it on time.
by Sir Smokes-a-Lot February 14, 2007
An object to take you into a different world.

Something today's society has lost connection with.
That was the best book ever, I felt like I was in the Hunger Games!

Bruh, what is dat?!
A book.
Yah, yolo.
by Cat Lady AF February 16, 2015
Basically a movie, except you can't see or hear the characters. It's also harder to use than a movie, which makes it a bothersome inconvenience to 21st Century progress. Parents want their children to read books because they like to see their children miserable, as it reminds them of themselves at that age. A lot of great books have been made into way greater movies, but no movies have been made into better books.
"How about you read a book?"
"What the heck is a book?"
by ArnoldtheRubberDucky October 20, 2014
A large paper document in the office that has a short lifespan. The reason? Nowadays, as more offices go the "paperless" route, documents are scanned electronically and the originals discarded and shredded. Often, a "book" has several portions, each portion stapled, quite a nuisance to remove in order not to jam the electronic scanner.
I hate getting a book with a hundred staples in it---it's the bane of my existence at my office when I scan it in!
by pentozali October 16, 2012
This is what comes up on predictive text instead of cool. Book is the height of all coolness possible.
James: I am soo book its unbelievable.
Mel: Ahahaha, no. Lol at your face.
by Booktimes. May 30, 2011
It is the height of coolness, you cannot be cooler than book, it is physically impossible.
Oh wow, Mel thinks she's cooler than James, but he's book, so she can't be.
by I'm So Book May 02, 2011
Another word for cool, started from mistakenly sending the message book before hitting zero during the act of T-9 messaging.
Person 1: Did you see that sweet ride?
Person 2: Yeah, it was book bro.
by DCHphotography September 27, 2010

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