To get someone's number
I want to go book some boys at the mall today. I booked some boys when we went to Six Flags last week.
by Victoria S. August 17, 2007
A collection of paper strips, usually bound together and labeled on the cover or binding. The strips, or pages, contain various sections, or chapters, which relate facts or a story. Generally, all topics discussed in the book relate to eachother and form a point, which is the main theme of the book. Many books relate stories, whether funny, action-packed, romantic, horrible, dramatic, etc. Some books are very evil and discuss topics boring and very fact-based. These are called School books, and should be burned.
Thomas Thames, the modern day Hitler, organized massive school book burning sessions
by Sourbread February 02, 2005
An archiac form for bringing information to the masses. Consists of several paper pages with words printed or written directly on them. After the invent of computers, books where a thing of histroy. Evidently many people on the internet cannot read words with only letters in them, they MUST contain numbers and symbols as well.
OMG 1M teh 5hit |\/|07h3r fuck3r!!!11!1 LOL. Translation: I am utterly hopeless in everything I do, my friend. Ha,ha,ha.
by Ersatz Semblance January 30, 2004
Means cool or awesome.

How was it Originated?

While text messaging, when you hit 2665 (trying to say cool) it will come out as book.
"Thats book, yo!"

"Book? You mean cool right?"

"Ya. LOL. thats COOL, yo."
by Katie Delaney January 25, 2008
1.) A place to call and place wagers on sporting events.
Abbreviation for Bookmaker.
Tony Lo, call the book, the Yankees are a lock tonight.
by Bids April 14, 2008
(Verb.) Walk to or from a specific location in haste.
"I'm late - I've got to book now." (I've got to leave immediately).

"Let's book!" (Let's go, now).

"Larry booked over to Jim's place an hour ago." (Larry walked hastily...).

by J.D. Casnig February 16, 2009
What happens when you type cool into t9. In the central and southern regions of Arizona it as been adopted as slang's slang if you will.

Unlike the superlative in standard English the Arizona dialect uses booklier. See below for example.
Neil and Michelle's parents are totally book! They cooked up steak and lobster just for fun.

-Some friends of mine are coming from Tucson this weekend I don't know If I'll be available.
- That's book. Maybe next weekend.

Wyl's ninja styles are booklier than Jet Lee's!

by bmonk January 27, 2009
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