cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9
that chick thinks she's book, but she's totally hacked.
by mason March 26, 2005
Means cool because when you type in "cool" on predictive text the 1st option is book
That Man Thinks Hes Book, But Hes Just A Wasteman
by Sam Wood.. October 20, 2008
a)source of information
b)fantastic coaster
3)(depending on size)useful weapon
a) i learned alot from this book
b) "what are you, an animal? Put it on the book!"
3) i fucked his ass up with the thesaurus
by Lamborghini Jones July 10, 2008
V. Intransitive. Slang. A verb used to describe hurried or rushed activity.
Yo dawg, it's almost time for MTV Cribs. Let's book!

We got to book, ma nigga, if we funna make it on time.
by Sir Smokes-a-Lot February 14, 2007
Something people read. Some people use them as a resource, others read them for fun, others do only because they have to. Some people think it is nerdy and uncool and boring to read hooks for fun. on the other hand, others acctually do read for fun. I personally generally don't like reading, like 90% of books i would not read for fun.
Son/daughter: "Fuck! I have to read this fucking book for Class!"

Parent: "I thought you like reading! Reading is fun!"

Son/Daughter: "No books are fucking boring and stupid and lame! I don't like reading!"
by Chillice August 24, 2015
A large paper document in the office that has a short lifespan. The reason? Nowadays, as more offices go the "paperless" route, documents are scanned electronically and the originals discarded and shredded. Often, a "book" has several portions, each portion stapled, quite a nuisance to remove in order not to jam the electronic scanner.
I hate getting a book with a hundred staples in it---it's the bane of my existence at my office when I scan it in!
by pentozali October 16, 2012
The peak of being cool, only apply to a small group of people
James acts like he is so Book, it's so embarrasing.

But we all know that Belle and Mel and the Book ones.
by sparetimeonmyhands June 14, 2012
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