cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9
that chick thinks she's book, but she's totally hacked.
by mason March 26, 2005
A severe waste of trees.

"Dude, that art project was so book."

"I know right? It was so delap!"
by sammypp February 15, 2009
1) Paper arranged in a tidy fashion for perusal

2) to eject oneself froma scene, to run away

3) to record bad deeds or to begin pennance for them.
1) I read books.

2) Let's book

3) That cop booked me for not having a valid licence.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
Something that goes really fast, generally in a good way
Did you see the sprints today? When Claire's Running she really books!
by tishtash91 February 21, 2011
An Amish or Mennonite person.
"Hey Book, 4:30, time for milking."
by Johnny Peru September 09, 2007
Another name for Ecstasy. It is generally used when one doesn't want the general public to know they are talking about ecstasy.

Book = One pill
Read = to roll or take ectasy
Libary/Librarian = dealer who sells ecstasy
Hey man, let's go read some books!

Have you bought the new book yet?

Let's run to a library really quick and check out some books.
by Brandyn. October 24, 2006
u get Book
- u get caught lying;doin something wrong
For example:
Boy: I skipped skoo yesterday...
Girl: okay den why am i seein u in class den..?
Boy:That was b4 i skipped
Girl:But i thought u neva came to skool..
Boy:ye-- u get book, nice try
by yung_wun January 14, 2005
to handcuff someone
book him
by john March 24, 2003

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