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to leave, to go away,to depart. In the trades (electricians, plumbers, iron workers, etc. used a union book for identification. When they would say :I'm going to "book out" and go to work on another job site.
we are going to book out to a new job.
by David Cordes April 18, 2005
4 1
To run really fast, usually away from police or the fuzz.
mark: shit man, the fuzz saw us blazing!
liam: fuck, grab the weed and BOOK OUT!
by Miklus March 21, 2006
9 1
to go, to leave,
I'm going to book out of here. He is booking down the road in that truck. I'm gonna' book out of this job.
by south pac flash May 24, 2009
5 0
To hand out/give out. Also known as one variation of bust out.
If people try to ask for pads, I'm going to book out free tampons I got from the internet!
by Luan Nguyen June 06, 2007
5 2
to like a pee pee in your va jay jay
i really want a bookout right now
by battling bishop January 17, 2008
6 9