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From the French term Bourgeois, which means middle class, assuming everyone else is from the lower class. Materialistic.
My sister's new boyfriend thinks she's booji just because she lives in Marin County, but she's keepin' it real tho!
by marincityhoochie September 29, 2004
musty,crusty,stoopit,or annoying...
if you smel like ya been takin a bath in sweat, then ya 'SMELL BOOJI'
if someone is jealous or they dont like you,you are refeerred as booji
'UUGHHH!! look at that guh mayne....she lookin booji as hell!'
by camille[carmello]upchurch February 28, 2007
Comes from the frech word bourgeois, meaning of the middle class. Is typically a derogratory term.
"Man that cell phone is booji, it doesnt even have a camera"
or damn
"That old ford of yours is booji"
by JP June 24, 2004
The cutest boy in the whole world. A boy who you will mary and spend the rest of your life with. He is the sweetest most caring person you'll ever meet.
I will marry my booji one day.
by Booji69 November 03, 2010
1. when someone doesnt look as good as they want to look like when they go out.

2. someone just looks ugly or feels ugly
1. Damn... I didn't do my makeup at all this morning! I look like booji!

2. "No! Don't look at me! I'm booji today!"
by MadKidd June 16, 2008
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