The sound that strikes fear in the heart of your dad...or is supposed to. Marshie, the hilarious talking marshmallow, is the one behind this spooky surprise noise.
"Boogity boogity! I'll scare your dad! Those little punks next door won't know what hit 'em when you serve up a satchel full of Malloween Fluffy Puffs!"
by O May 24, 2004
Top Definition
Usually with three boogities, a term used by Darral Waltrip, NASCAR announcer, at the beginning of each race to tell the drivers to get a move on...
"Boogity, boogity, boogity boys! Let's go racin'"
by hoochie_hater June 09, 2003
1) The infamous phrase--derived from the sounds made by horses galloping--that starts races and sells t-shirts. Translates into: "Hang on! Here we go!" (Darrell Waltrip, 2/2/03, The Cincinnati Enquirer)
"Let's go racin', boys! BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! Gearshift them things!" (Darrell Waltrip from the Dodge/Save-Mart 350 @ Infineon Raceway; Sonoma, California. 6/24/03)
by Meekrob July 08, 2003
An onomatopoetic expression of running or other hurried activity, characteristic of traditional African and African American narration. Occurs in Ralph Waldo Ellison's "Invisible Man;" metrically identical with "imbili imbili," the formula used for the same purposes by African griots -- for example, Fa-Digi Sisoko's Son-Jara. Alternatively, "boogety boogety," "boogedy boogedy."
"So here he comes, runnin down the street boogity boogity till he gets tot he corner."
by Hrothgar April 22, 2008
telling someone to hurry or to get going.
Bob you need to boogity boogity!
by SC March 11, 2003

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