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A person that likes retarded things.
Man, Josh sure does love that stupid way of saying 2012 "20doz. Yeah, he's a boogie.
by BoogieWannaBe July 06, 2012
It means hood-rat. Or hood-rat in nature. Plain and simple.

It does not mean things that are high-class or someone that is snobby. That is "bourgeois."

White people, please stop defining words with meanings you do not know of.

Alternate possible spellings: boozhee, boujee, boojy, boushi, booshi.
That 200lb girl with a mini dress on sure is boogie.

Guy 1: You want to hit up that lounge, 21st amendment?
Guy 2: Hell no, that place is boogie (ghetto, nasty, blah blah).
by Apollo Kayge November 19, 2012
An embarrassing dance your parents do when they're drunk.
Dad *downs a beer* "Let's boogie!"
Mum: *giggling* "Yahhhhooo!"
by Lolli Queen October 09, 2005
a term that came from a TV show called Wonder Showzen that means white(cockasian)
Baby Boogie wants to Sugee
by P Broz July 04, 2006
to move and dance to the rhythm while a booger is in your nose.
Ray-Ray likes to boogie when he feels a boogie in his nose.
by Mr. Filler July 15, 2004
The thing that drag queens have that you are jealous of, but deny being jealous of. This is typically associated with Rupaul Charles
Rupaul Pandora Boxx Jujubee Ongina Raven Manila Luzon Lady Bunny
Don't be so jealous of my boogie!
by Grell Spears <3 November 30, 2011
Very low quality marijuana
Damn, Chris gave you some boogie this time around..
by contagion; June 14, 2009
1.A piece of snot, plucked from a nose.
2. Boogie man, some sort of scary monster that kids are really frightend of, dunno why he's called a boogie man, maybe he's made out of snot.
1.Hey stop picking your nose, i saw you eat that boogie.
2. Little children shouldn't walk alone at night, the boogie man might get them.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003