An diverse collection of dried mucus from the human nose assorted and affixed to an vertical wall.
Shontrice: What's all that stuff on your wall over there? Asbestos?

Chip: No, it's my booger wall. It contains my nasal materials from the last 16 months. Beautiful isn't it?
by The Bunion March 02, 2011
Top Definition
The wall that your bed is pushed up against. The booger wall is not the entire wall, but just the section of wall that begins even with your head and runs along the edge of your matress to about mid-thigh, or as far as you can reach toward the foot end of your bed. This length of wall extends from the top edge of your mattress down the wall approx 4 inches. Boogers are picked while lying in bed and wiped in this area.
My mom was cleaning my brother's bedroom and pushed the bed away from the wall to vacuum. She was disgusted to discover his booger wall.
by MrsPurina August 17, 2011
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