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somebody who is just dumb and disgusting.
a fag: what are we doing tonight?
person: shut up you booger fart.
by Matthew J. Carrol February 20, 2008
A fart that is so forceful that it ejects mucus from one's rectum.

A bad situation
She ate some mexican and she's got a bad case of booger farts.
by Damien Mofungo February 17, 2011
When my son was 4 years old we were in a restaurant and a kid had a really snotty nose sitting near us.. The kind of snotty nose that creates "bubbles".

One of the bubbles "Popped"!

My son said, "Mom! That kid just had a BOOGERFART!".


A nose so runny that boogers create a bubble that "pops" therefore making it a "Boogerfart"
"Grab that kid a tissue!! He just had a boogerfart!!"
by MelMel22 August 18, 2011
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