Term for cocaine for it's next day after effects.
We got a big ol bag o Booger
by Just another local February 20, 2006
1) The substance removed from one's nose, usually with the pinky finger, and flicked, wiped on something, or eaten by the less civilized and young.
2) To cause a flaw in something.
3) Used to refer to the vagina, or sex with a woman, in some southern U.S. States.
4) A term used when referring to a child's foolishness or immaturity.
1. Who just flicked this booger on me.
2. I just boogered the threads on this bolt.
3. Let's go on down to the booger bar tonight.
4. Those little boogers just egged my house and T.P.'d my trees.
by jrh5356 April 24, 2005
(Rude) Snot
Hi, booger!
Stop picking your booger!
by Xenogenesis October 01, 2009
Overly large size stud earrings
Me: Where you just come from?
Them: Paks Jeweler!
Me: Oh yea, I see you got them Boogers in yo ear!
by Mil-TownM3ra March 23, 2011
Someone with huge flared nostrils.
Someone with nostrils you could hide marbles or golf balls in.
Did you see the booger on that niggra?
FRIEND; Yeah,he's got more hair up there than Sasquatch
gots on his ass!
by driver_im8 July 10, 2009
getting laid, having sex
Damn, I'm gonna booger that bitch tonight!

Hey Fred, where you been? "I've been boogering all night!"
by J. Frank. January 11, 2008
that thingy thats hanging outta your nose
ewww pick it nowwwww!!!
by abbieann June 03, 2005
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