Tiny fairies that come in the middle of night to exfoliate the inside of one's nose from snot and debris. Complimentary package of tissue left after every visit. Boogers are recycled for later use in the war against terrorism.

See Peter Pan, Tooth Fairy
During one of her worst colds, Tina received a visit from the booger snatchers.
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
Top Definition
A sign of disgust or dismay. Said when things don't go right.
"Booger snatchers! That son of a motherless goat won't even try to get to first base!"
by MrMe May 27, 2004
In the telecommunications industry, a tool with a steel wire loop for pulling copper wires through a hole in a wooden fanning strip.
Hey Arnie! Got a boogersnatcher? Toss it to me.
by Dan Drzewiecki February 11, 2004
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