Its a kind of cat

Bob ran over boogen with the corvette. Boogen we hardly knew thee.
by chad chadski January 12, 2009
Top Definition
Unknown &/or scary creatures
I dread the boogens of the deep!
by Starchylde December 22, 2014
A mongolian style restaurant located in a small rural area.
Fred is thinking boogen for lunch
by Clucken June 02, 2011
A sockpuppet of a monster with tenticals that makes ridiculous roaring noises that "bwaaaggghhh"

An annoying person such a Kevin Ridgway who is a huge FAGGOT AH KEVIN GAHBAHAH
"Dude that boogen was huge"
God Keving, your so gay, stop being such a boogen blood"
by Warren November 17, 2004
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