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a girl that's fugly
damn, that girl you brought over last night was a freakin' boogawoof
by Boomer December 11, 2001
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adj. An ugly ass anybody. a negative ten.
Damn! That's a boogawoof!
by The Cleanest Penis January 12, 2003
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A person who is extremely ugly
Macy Gray is a boogawuf
by LeMarr McVay November 21, 2003
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"Can apply to someone or no one and all depends on how you what to use it. Can be a Over weight lob sided disproportional unattractive female, or an expression of disapproval. Original creator of This word Chinese Mike Fremont High 1993 Oakland California.
Look at the herd of BoogaWoof's (group of Fugly fat chicks) coming in our direction.

Grassing BoogaWoof (Fat Chick stuffing her face)


by Eddie Navarro December 19, 2002
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