A terribly random song by Ringo Starr probably written when he discovered heroin/crack/LSD/mild beaver tranquilliser/any of the above
Back off boogaloo
I said back off boogaloo

by Tim Jones & Martin Stevens July 18, 2005
Top Definition
get out of a place with great rapidity
AL !!! It's the Cops !!!! Let's Boogaloo !!!
#leave #scram #rapid #fast #book
by JCBESQ January 18, 2011
Boogaloo is a certain dance when u swing ur shoulders up and down real quick!
Hey ya'll jump on the flo' do break ya neck and get a little boogaloo too!!!!!
by Kevin February 04, 2004
A song often used at various camps in which a leader calls out the orders and the audience responds with movements.
campers: whats that you say?
campers: whats that you say?
leaders: i said ooh, ah ah , ooh ah ah.
campers: ooh, ah ah, ooh ah ah
make hand movements such as pointing to the ground.
go on with "let me see you john travolta"
"let me see you point your guns"
wow the boogaloo dance at campfire was awesome!!
#dance #song #camp #group #activity
by biiiiiiotch5545 July 23, 2006
Boogaloo origin: Orgy by a group of island native midgets
Boogaloo: being fucked in every hole
I just boogaloo'd by some sexy dudes.
#orgy #boogaloo #hole #midgets #volcanoe
by Boogaloo Clan September 22, 2013
A song written by Ringo Starr when he was stoned off his rocker
Still a funny song lol
"Back off Boogaloo I said back off boogaloo"
a term that i've heard people frequently use as a derogetory term for black people. i'm assuming it is derived from the boogaloo style of music, which originated with black Puerto Ricans in the Bronx and Brooklyn.
Racist: Those dirty boogaloos, let's get the Klan after them!

Average Joe: This isn't the South in the 1960s, you stupid hick? Racism was supposed to be eradicated from this country years ago!
#stupid racists #derogetory #african americans #i hate racist hicks #nonsensical words
by Tit For Twat January 26, 2007
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