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1.Noun: Southern Maine slang for Penis.
2.Adjective: Brat, Idiot, Moron
3.Plural: Boobuses
1.Ex: "Oh my god! You can see his boobus!"
2.Ex: "You boobus!"
3.Ex: "I like Boobuses."
by Sara Galarneau/Kaytee Chadbourne January 26, 2006
a booboo, bobo, boobz, etc. a small-brained but infinitely loving person.
hehe she's such a boobus i had to just hug her!
by pokeabobo June 03, 2009
Emily Anne Rudy.
Emily, you are a Boobus.
by Crispy Chicken Fajita October 12, 2011
Consciously childish variant of boob. 'Boobuses' plural.
Rewind the Tivo! I think I saw a boobus!

I met this girl at the bar the other night, and she totally wanted to show me her boobuses.
by TBP April 08, 2008