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where a woman has "cold" or "hard" nipples and the male oraly has fun with them.
"Hey babe, you be lookin' mighty perky, I'm in the mood for some boobsicles..."
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 10, 2003
When ones nipples are so cold that they protrude from the chest so far said nipples become visible via a slim fitting top.
Girl 1: "OMG it's so cold today!"
Girl 2: "No kidding, I can see your Boobsicles"
by Wolfie_Chick October 02, 2011

Word used instead of boobs.
Alternative to jugs , tits, rack etc.
Ralph: WHOA look at those fantastic boobsicles!
Fredrick: Those are the most mighty fine boobsicles I ever did see!
by WordInvtentor August 13, 2011
Punching A Girl In The Boob Cause She Doesn't Have Testicles, But It Hurts The Same

Bill: Yeah Both Of The Girls Were Fighting
Ben: Really
Bill: Yeah, Molly Hit Her In Her Boobsicles!!
Ben: O-Ho-Ho Ouch Man
by xXPrivateCabooseXx May 01, 2009