Man's best friends. Not counting his penis.
Guy 1: Damn, dude, did you see the boobs on that chick?
Guy 2: I didn't even notice the chick.
by The Male Man April 07, 2007
One of the best characteristics of a woman.
Jack pushed Ashley against the wall and kissed her deeply. As he pushed into her, Ashley’s breasts rose from her tight shirt and shoved into Jack. He then took his hand under her shirt until he found her huge, round boobs. He tore her shirt off, then squeezed and rubbed her breasts causing her to moan with pleasure.

Jack went down, kissing her nose, and then chewed on her hard, tense nipples. She moaned even louder and gasped as pain shot through her body. Ashley then tore Jack’s shirt and rubbed her boobs against his toned chest. This was a turn on for Jack, the feeling of those breasts made him so hard. He pushed Ashley onto the bed and kissed her even harder.

He wanted those beautiful breasts. They were wet and perky, just how he liked them. He stuck his face inside and engulfed the left one into his mouth and sucked it. “Ohhhh!” Ashley whined. Then he made his way to the right one and licked it all around, while feeling her up at the same time. Jack felt so hard that it hurt. Ashley continued to moan uncontrollably.

The next morning, Jack awoke in between Ashley’s firm, large boobs and immediately hardened under the covers.
by HKZW November 14, 2010
Lumps on a woman's chest that tend to have a staring problem. Larger one's tend to stare more than others.
Can you please tell your boobs to stop staring at me?
by Dirty Slate January 19, 2011
Weapons of mass turbation.
Daddy would love to play with you, honey, but he's busy mass turbating to this chick's epic boobs. He can't help himself.
by murdur1 December 08, 2008
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