The greatest things in the world that just so happen to have females attatched to them.
"Dude, those amazing boobs have a girl growing on them!!!"
by Live2Love March 22, 2006
weapons of mass distraction
i couldnt concentrate in class because her boobs distracted me
by Eamonn O September 06, 2007
( .Y. )=normal boobs
(.Y.)=small boobs
( . Y . )=big boobs
( .y. )=retarded boobs
( . | . )=flat boobs

My girlfriend has( . Y . )boobs.
by MidgitMan May 02, 2006
The large thing on girls chest that make men so horny!!!
Peter: Why do girls have boobs?

Friend #1: I don't know

Peter: So you have something to look at when your talking to them.

Friend #2: It's true
by Hlassa May 15, 2006
The reason I don't just kill myself right now.
Well, I could end it all...but tomorrow Cindy might let me touch her boobs. Yep...gonna stick around and see how this plays out.
by Drama_King March 17, 2008
Things that guys suck and play with while having hot sex with a girl
He rubbed her boobs as he pounded her into a hard rythm
by Kaleigh November 30, 2003
the reason there are lesbians
i became a lesbian when my college roommate let me feel her boobs
by lesbian 4 life April 08, 2007

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