like video games wonderful things intended for use by children and yet more commonly used by adults

See also: Oppai
I love boobs
Oppai daisuki
by Rito Yuuki July 19, 2015
Proof that men can pay attention to 2 things at once.
Girl: hi, how has your day been?
by The Hater of haters July 17, 2015
Two pieces of fat on a girls chest that is very attractive to men and women that like to be played with.
woah, can i play with her boobs?
by elegantbabe July 02, 2015
Boob is a word for a woman's breast — it's also a word for an idiot. So if you're staring at a lady's boobs, you probably look like a boob.
i was looking at her boobs
by swear meaning May 07, 2015
Literally big chunks of fat on a woman's chest placed there against her will...
My boobs are itchy
by hellothisisdog April 11, 2015
Large sacks of fat tissue protruding from that of a woman's bosom that men often enjoy playing with and watching women poor whipped cream on another woman's "set" if you will.
I love boobs so much. Even though they're just sacks of fat tissue making them somewhat less attractive. But boobs are boobs.
by ANARCHYYY June 08, 2014
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