the bump at a women's chest, that have nipples coming out at the end of them. men like to stare at these, touch, talk and possibly get in bed with them.
they are the wish granters for women.
"hey you there! the one with that large dick. u wanna go get naughty in bed with these?" The lady points to her boobs.
by GirlDefiner February 16, 2015
A woman's/Man's Breast, The best (Woman's) thing on the face of this earth!
You have some nice boobs, may I touch them
by JoDaBOSS49 January 14, 2015
The best thing anyone could ask for
for Males: a best friend
for Females: used to attract Males
for Other: Whutever u want
Boobs are amazing
by Dteragon October 21, 2014
Things that people glorify way too much.
"Damn, that chick has amazing boobs!"
"Who fucking cares?"
"Any straight guy, ho!"
"Sigh... What am I to do with you?"
by WalaChris April 27, 2014
2 things on a womans chest which men like to play with. If women have big Boobs they can use them to get guys to do whatever they want
Woman: hey, do you want to go out sometime?
Man: No, sorry
Woman: I'll flash you my Boobs
Man: Actually, I think I might go out with you
by benjbob December 12, 2013
Soft, squishy, just perfect, in every mans deams
Her boobs were just sitting there as she sat, and as she stood up to walk to her next class, they jiggled, while running to her next class, they bounced and moved in all ways possible. She wasn't wearing a bra, she walks into your next class and sits by you, where you stare at them the whole time.
by Blackwrx000 September 03, 2013
A thing that comes in different sizes from melon to mango to berries to grapefruit. A boob will make you extremely horny when two are present and naked. You can also put you penis between them to feel pleasure to yourself and to them if it is large enough. You can also cum all over them when you and her go to position 69.
HOT STUD NAMED LIAM: OOooooohhhh bbbbaaaabbby you boobs make me horny.
HOT CHICK: Cumm alll over them Liam.
by Big Boy Liam April 21, 2013

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