Chesticles that men love to look at, suck on and play with; must distinguish between false/fake/implants vs. real, natural made-by-god breasts.
Her boobs were real, made by God and worn very nicely.
by hondo9456 June 10, 2016
A tool used to attract and male of any age.
"Shit bro look at her fucken boobs! Those things are huge, I want them.
by The Horny definitions July 04, 2016
The two things all boys want!
Damn shes got dem boobs
Hell yeah she does!
by Best difinition, 2016 April 23, 2016
naturally generated organic milk sacs
Girl 1: "Her boobs are so big!"

Girl 2: "More like, her organic milk sacs are so big"
by WordFlurry March 27, 2016
Drake and Josh
"Oh stop it you boobs."
by dinoseth22 December 30, 2015
The ultimate fuel for motorboats.
Mike: Hey Zach, I'm gonna get us some boobs so we can go motorboatin'.
Zach: I don't think it will be that easy.
by (SBB) Mike March 07, 2015
the bump at a women's chest, that have nipples coming out at the end of them. men like to stare at these, touch, talk and possibly get in bed with them.
they are the wish granters for women.
"hey you there! the one with that large dick. u wanna go get naughty in bed with these?" The lady points to her boobs.
by GirlDefiner February 16, 2015
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