surprisingly there for women's pleasure too
I love touching my boobs
by BlueJane June 29, 2014
The best thing in the world.
Man, boobs. Just boobs
by MOOSEN May 31, 2014
2 things on a womans chest which men like to play with. If women have big Boobs they can use them to get guys to do whatever they want
Woman: hey, do you want to go out sometime?
Man: No, sorry
Woman: I'll flash you my Boobs
Man: Actually, I think I might go out with you
by benjbob December 12, 2013
God's greatest creation!
God: Let there be boobs! :')
by martinezjoshua1 October 02, 2013
Weapons of mass distraction.
Boobs: "Hey, do you want to go see a movie tonight?"

Guy: "...What?"
by eserrame August 08, 2013
A thing that comes in different sizes from melon to mango to berries to grapefruit. A boob will make you extremely horny when two are present and naked. You can also put you penis between them to feel pleasure to yourself and to them if it is large enough. You can also cum all over them when you and her go to position 69.
HOT STUD NAMED LIAM: OOooooohhhh bbbbaaaabbby you boobs make me horny.
HOT CHICK: Cumm alll over them Liam.
by Big Boy Liam April 21, 2013
Why the hell are you even looking this up! You know what they are!
"Dude check it out! Those girl's boobs are awesome!
by DeathLoomis333 September 08, 2012

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