bouncy orbs of badass superness
dudee did u see her boobs?
ya they were huge!
by dude-its-boobies-123 September 07, 2010
you got em
you got boobs kid
by mattsavageleblanc October 28, 2014
Things that people glorify way too much.
"Damn, that chick has amazing boobs!"
"Who fucking cares?"
"Any straight guy, ho!"
"Sigh... What am I to do with you?"
by WalaChris April 27, 2014
Soft, squishy, just perfect, in every mans deams
Her boobs were just sitting there as she sat, and as she stood up to walk to her next class, they jiggled, while running to her next class, they bounced and moved in all ways possible. She wasn't wearing a bra, she walks into your next class and sits by you, where you stare at them the whole time.
by Blackwrx000 September 03, 2013
Boobs, Noun. - Mountains of Happiness
Her mountains of happiness (boobs) make my pee pee tingle
by the sexual harassment panda March 19, 2012
A playful name
by kkmarcelsucks November 15, 2011
Something nice to look at when talking to a girl.
Girl: "...and I'm thinking about going into Pre-Med, but I don't know if a Pre-Law major would be better... Derek? Are you even listening to me?"

Me: *staring at boobs* "What...oh yeah, that's interesting. Please go on."
by DROCK2265 November 15, 2010

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