1.) A stupid or foolish person. Short for booby.
2.) A woman's breast.
1.) John is a booby cause he tried to order 50 pizza's to his ex-girlfriend's house and he got caught.
2.) Woman have two boobs.
by Wishbone June 12, 2005
Propaganda tool used by women to seduce men into doing anything they want. The bigger they are, they more powerful they are. However, this rule can be avoided in Asian women, because usually they are just hot in general, and therefore do not require a large set of boobs.

by TheOtherSnake January 18, 2012
A milk producing gland that may stay small or get large. Basically, a fatty gland that's pale because it's always under a bathing suit that has an areola and a nipple on it. Males have pecs, but only fat males can have moobs, or man boobs. Boobs may sag like many Africans' boobs. They can also be lifted upright, etc.

*Big boobs are better to look at, but small boobs are better to feel.
*I am sorry but fat boobs don't count.

*If you are female and lack boobs, it's okay if you have a nice butt.
"Woah, you don't have boobs anymore, you have utters!"

"If only we could all go naked and then the color of our boobs would match the rest of our body!"
by Mental Muscle January 04, 2012
If you see them on a woman, you can't stop staring at them.
If you see them on a man, you can't stop staring at the sun.
I'm bored, I'm gonna come up with one of those "each-letter-means-something" thingies.
So... yeah.

(I suck at this)
via giphy
by HEADS GROW BACK September 24, 2016
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