The focus of a man's (or lesbian/Bi female's) attention when speaking to a female.

A group or department of people working together who collectively have less intelligence then that which would be considered normal or average.
Bob stared at Jillians' ample boobs for the duration of their conversation and Jillians' sly smile led him to believe she enjoyed the attention Bob gave her boobs.

The human resources department is full of boobs, having lost my paperwork 3 times.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
1. My favorite part of the female body

2. Used by a friends grandfather to refer to us as idots
Grandfather: *Hears loud noises and laughter* "What are you two Boobs doing!?!"
Friend: What?
Me: Quit bitchin gramps, we're the only set of tits you've seen in the last 20 years!
Us: Laughing hysterically
by wtficantthinkofaname October 07, 2008
Sometimes big, jiggly things on a female's chest (and sometimes on a fat male's chest, bleck). On a female's chest, guys go crazy and will do anything you want them to do if you let them see or feel them. They come in pairs and have round nipples and areolas on the center.
Pig guy #1- "Hey, check her boobs out, they're so big and yummy!"
Pig guy #2- "Oohh, what I would do to get me some of her!"
by gogglehead June 28, 2009
Nature's pillows.
Girl: We need new pillows.
Guy: Why? What's wrong with your boobs?
by The Killer Squirrel September 01, 2010
Created so guys have something to look at while women talk.
Women: "So then we had to take Christina out to dinner for her cheer meet, but I had to go to the gym later that night so I had to get Caroll to do it. Then after we took Ryan & the boys out to go see a movie, and Sherri was telling me about how her poodle just gave birth to 4 puppies..."

Guy: *Staring at boobs* Mhm..*Nods head*
by aliyahlovah July 01, 2010
the most wonderful thing in the world loacated on a womens chest they make great pillows are fun to suck on and are so irisistable. but because there so iresistable women can use them to there advantage by geting what ever they want.
ex #1: guy: wow look at the sise of those boobs guy#2: love to get a faceful of them. ex#2 girl: can u buy me those shews i really wanted? guy: no way to expensive! girl: ( flashes boobs ) guy: ok!
by booblover524 June 08, 2010
mighty weapons, that are given to women by the gods, so they can use them to control men.
(almost) every girl receives them, around the age of 12.
some women have received bigger 'boobs', wich work even better for controling men.
girl: 'i will show you my boobs, if you get me the concert tickets i asked for'
by pwnhead February 23, 2010
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