1. Nice squishy things.
I like squeezing boobs.
by Guiisawesome May 23, 2010
Gods Gift To Man, Usualy Associated With Gods Gift To Himanity Good Old Fassion Sex. Sometimes Refered To As Boobies, Tittys, Juggs, Watermellons, Bags, Yam Yams, Chesticles, Baloons, Henry And Fred, And Or Pillows. Sometimes Given Cute Nicknames By There Partners In Crime AKA Boyfriend Or Girlfriend If There Bi Or Lesbian.
"mmm... Grab My Boobs"
"Thoes Are Some Big Boobs!"
"Mmm... TITTYS!!!"
by Shiggy Maru & J Green September 28, 2006
Comfortable and squishy easy to cope with grips that boys tends to cling on to when boning their girlfriends especially when they are on their knees and hands and your behing them thrusting.
Your boobs made the night babe.
by thegodoffuck May 21, 2009
something for guys to look at while a girl just talks and talks and talks...
Denzel:Damn, James look at Carly's boobs. They're huge. Do you think they're real?
James:I don't really give a fuck if they're real or not. They make her look hot even with the headgear.
Denzel:True that muther fucker.
( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )
by James103 February 01, 2007
a dynamic duo: high when young, low when old, firm when hot, flabby when not.
damn, that not-hot old bitch had some flabby low boobs
by Jacko429 July 04, 2006
The focus of a man's (or lesbian/Bi female's) attention when speaking to a female.

A group or department of people working together who collectively have less intelligence then that which would be considered normal or average.
Bob stared at Jillians' ample boobs for the duration of their conversation and Jillians' sly smile led him to believe she enjoyed the attention Bob gave her boobs.

The human resources department is full of boobs, having lost my paperwork 3 times.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
A great excuse for a pillow
Hey babe, Im kinda sleepy, let me borrow them boobs.
by Swarmed November 23, 2009

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