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The best things on earth.
I wish I had my own portable boobs that I could keep in my pants
by AndrePaul March 20, 2009
47 22
Gods Best Creation Yet... Next to Pizza Delivery.
Look at those boobs! i would like to get to know her if u know what i mean!
by rawrimadinosaur July 21, 2009
44 20
1. The holy mounds of pliable flesh situated on a woman's chest.

2. The greatest fucking play toy ever!
1. May I play with your boobs?

by BoobNomNom March 23, 2009
52 28
A Pair of beautiful round-like objects, that makes men go like:


And the undeniable proof of that the world is not as twisted as it seems.

(By the way for you women out there, watch out for guys, they seem to have large attraction to boobs, especially if they are big.)
Horny Guy: Man, did you see our new teacher? She has some impressive boobs!

Guy: Yeah, I like big boobs.

Horny Guy: Who doesn't?

Guy: Gays...?
by Numenor July 17, 2008
70 46
you need a definition for boobs ???
what your sister has on her chest BOOBS!!!!
by vegmistro November 08, 2007
95 72
1. The source of a woman's power
2. The clasp of a necklace, used to embarass people over something that's not embarassing at all.
1. Don't worry, he'll do it. I have boobs.
2. Hey, your boob is showing!
by drama_addict May 28, 2006
61 38
The mountains found in heaven
He: Where are you?
Me: Hiking
He: Where?
Me: Ask your girlfriend to look down at her boobs.
by Sir Robert Adams April 20, 2010
37 15