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A boob is a big lump of fat that hangs of a women's chest. They have something in the middle called a nipple. Boobs make very great warm pillows. They are fun to lick and cuddle.

Boobs ussualy come in pairs, like a pair of sneakers. They even age like sneakers and get all wrinkled saggy with age.

"Everyone likes boobs, even gay men!"
"I love your boobs. They are so large and so firm!"
by clueless_furball October 31, 2006
1. The softest, squishiest, warmest, most perfect thing imaginable. And guess what? They come in pairs :)

2. The cause of all of life's problems.

3. The solution to all of life's problems.
1. She led my hand to her boob, and I had a new best friend; soon I had a new second-best friend.

2. She flashed her boobs and caused that car crash.

3. ...but once I touched her boob, I forgot all about her face.

by talkingmouth March 03, 2006
(noun) (1) a goof, a jerk-off, an idiot
(2) circular object protruding off a female's chest. Usually used for feeding babies and in foreplay (not necessarily in that order). Each boob has a nipple, the little pointy thing on the end that pops up like an erection when brushed, massaged, or touched with an ice cube (or an icy wind). The bra is the device required to support a pair of boobs. See A-cup B-cup C-cup D-cup E-cup well, you get the idea. If she is British, the nipples will sit much lower than the Japanese standard of 8" between collarbone and nipple. Sports bras are for A-cup women, who have nipples but no boob.

circular object protruding off a female's chest. Especially used for feeding babies and in foreplay.
On our first date, I didn't touch her. On our second date, I got to first base, I touched her boob. Next date, she met me naked at her front door and we fucked.
by Junior January 07, 2004
The answer to everything.
Girl: "Hey, can I borrow your ______?"
*leans slightly forward to expose boobs*


by Lynne A. September 27, 2006
Mounds of joy.
Dude, Jeremy look... BOOBS!
by Mark The Fat Kid November 11, 2005
the beautiful part of a womens body
letme suck them nipples till they fall off
by: Smokey The Smokestacks
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
1. a woman's breast

2. a stupid person, a rural oaf.

3. a blunder
The girls boobs were rediculously large. When I saw them, I thought she must have had implants inserted for sure.
by Light Joker July 08, 2004
Definitely larger and more classy than tits.
Kylie has tits, Kate Winslet has boobs.
by Total Chav September 09, 2005