Things that make guys and the occasional chick do whatever the bearer of them wishes. They can bring great power and pleasure to whoever owns them, depending on how good they look.
Boobs, Hooters, Honkers, Magumbos, Mounds, Melons, Breasts, Funbags, Tits, Waterbags, Happy sacs, sweater cows, rack, chest.
"That chick has a nice rack"
"From the look of your sweater cows your doing fine"
"I didnt realize this was a party til I saw your funbags"
" Hooters a restaurant based on Hooters"
by enigma pie September 09, 2005
the big amazing looking objects that girls have, everyone likes to look at them, and when your listening to a speech that your girlfreind is saying, you can look at these till its over, meanwhile all you have to do is nod your head and say "uhuh"
guy*stares at her basketball sized boobs"
girl" blah blah blah blah blah blah... are you listening to me"
guy*still staring*"uh huh...."*nods head*
girl" good...blah blah blah"
(may continue like this for hours)
by d,d, January 30, 2008
Something for men to look at while women talk to them
( . Y . ) = ideal boobs.

"damn that girls got some nice boobs"
by Leggiooo January 21, 2009
A boob is a big lump of fat that hangs of a women's chest. They have something in the middle called a nipple. Boobs make very great warm pillows. They are fun to lick and cuddle.

Boobs ussualy come in pairs, like a pair of sneakers. They even age like sneakers and get all wrinkled saggy with age.

"Everyone likes boobs, even gay men!"
"I love your boobs. They are so large and so firm!"
by clueless_furball October 31, 2006
The things women use to attract the wrong kind of attention and then get mad at guys when they get exactly what they set out for.
Sue was out clubbing with the girls wearing the tightest, lowest, tank top she could find. Then she complained after that all the guys there were animals because all they did was stare at her boobs.
by Halie_B October 08, 2009
Things that can get a guy horny if they are naked.
My boobs are double d's. When i lift up my shirt all the boys suck my nipples.
by ur mom is a whore January 14, 2009
The reason women are the most powerful beings in the world, and yet think they are treated unfairly and should have equality with men. Which in all respects would be a considerably large step down.
With great power comes great responsibility and the female population uses that power for 90% of their lives with little responsiblity.(I.E. Boobs)
by The Great American August 12, 2008
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